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Welcome to the Fiat Talento

The New Talento exhibits generous internal dimensions, great versatility and the ability to adapt to different customer needs, is the perfect functional commercial vehicle companion for all the professionals in urban streets and on major roads.​​​​​

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The exterior is compact and well proportioned: the stretching windscreen connects to the short bonnet and the overall effect is an imposing but dynamic front end. The front design, horizontal with bold and clear-cut lines, enhances the width of the vehicle and its loading capacity, while conveying an idea of dynamism and stability. The high level of functionality and productivity is visibly suggested by the square-shaped rear end.


The cabin is designed for the maximum comfort and ergonomy. Seats are well contoured and designed to provide a comfortable seat for all passengers. The positioning of the steering wheel gives the feeling of driving a car, with its leather wrapping and ergonomic commands it’s able to make even more relaxed and safe everyday driving.


Our 1.6 Diesel engines benefit from a variable geometry turbo or Twin Turbo.
The Twin Turbo with Start&Stop system helps the Fiat Talento to achieve better emissions and consumption for low running cost. The double stage turbocharging allows: a flexible driving, an instant pick-up and strong power at high speeds.
The first turbo delivers high torque from low speeds to ensure excellent response at mid-range acceleration, while the second turbo takes over at high speeds to boost power for smooth, powerful acceleration.

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