Brake Disc Skimming

We offer brake disc skimming services for cars, vans and trucks.

We have two machines, a car-van brake disc lathe and a commercial vehicle brake lathe. Both skim brake discs in-situ. We recommend replacing the pads on Disc Skim.

Saving: Time and Money
Increasing: Safety and MOT Pass Rates
Increasing: Brake Disc and Pad life

Please call us on 01256 840404 for quotations. Alternately you can email us at [email protected]


Reasons to skim brake discs:

  • There is brake vibration/judder
  • Discs are rusty or corroded
  • When brake pads are changed but discs are not worn thin
  • When brakes feel spongy
  • To increase brake efficiency for an MOT test (Very important on HGV’s and Trailers)

Brake discs can be skimmed at least once before replacement. The only time you will need to replace your brake discs is when they are close to or reach minimum thickness.