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DAF Telematics

DAF offer a comprehensive range of standard and optional servicing with DAF MultiSupport packages but our aim has always been to continually strive to offer more. Your new DAF can now be delivered with a Microlise telematics unit pre-installed – either when you sign up to a full Repair & Maintenance contract or simply as an optional extra – allowing us to offer you a comprehensive telematics solution, which will empower you to get more from your fleet.

Driving Style

Open up the world of Telematics in your DAF fleet. Telematics has fast become a necessary part of running a transport operation efficiently. As part of your regular  MultiSupport package – or as an optional extra – DAF offer a Microlise telematics unit which delivers a fuel report, allowing you to monitor consumption of your vehicles.

Fleet Utilisation

Visibility is about far more than just accurate asset location
Through integrated Google Maps, you can see where your assets - or groups of assets - are in real-time, get detailed information on each vehicle at a glance and drill down to a street level view. But visibility is not just limited to real-time. The playback functionality offers the option to view the route taken by a vehicle over a previous time period, allowing you to go back and understand the performance or route of a vehicle.

Business Intelligence

Real-time visibility allows you to understand what vehicles are doing, improve utilisation and access accurate kpi reporting on arrival and departure
To remain competitive, you need to make sure you’re getting the most from your assets. DAF Telematics not only gives you real-time visibility, but you’ll also be able to see if a vehicle has arrived late or early and its turnaround time. This allows you to make the necessary adjustments to your schedule to ensure everything stays on-track.

Safety and Security

Access reports on safe driving and use the data to minimise insurance costs
Information like harsh cornering, contextual speeding and harsh braking can be monitored, giving you the data you need to coach drivers in safe driving best practice. Correct training in areas like anticipation, coupled with coaching at debrief can reduce accident rates and have a positive effect on insurance premiums, as well as helping to keep vehicle downtime to a minimum. Identification of incident blackspots and safety tend analysis can help to reduce accidents. In the event of an accident, the information provided can help to establish liability quickly.

Reduce Tachograph Administration

Automatically send scheduled reports to multiple stakeholders and download digital tachograph data remotely. Business Intelligence tools like the Management Dashboard gather information about your vehicles - their odometer readings, MPG, performance, etc. – allowing you to access it live, examine trends and keep multiple stakeholders informed through automated scheduled reports. Remotely downloading tachograph data (optional) can save you hours of administration time every week, allowing staff to get on with other, more critical duties.

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