Electric Truck Servicing at Adams Morey 

Efficient transport in the modern era extends beyond traditional vehicles. At Adams Morey, we recognise the growing importance of electric trucks in achieving sustainable transport solutions. As a DAF Service Dealer, we are not just about providing the perfect electric truck; we offer a comprehensive transport solution.

Our professional organisation and international dealer network are equipped to guide you in selecting the ideal electric vehicle for your needs, arrange financing solutions, and ensure your fleet operates at its best.

We understand that transitioning to electric vehicles is a significant step. Therefore, our team is committed to providing in-depth consultations, helping you understand the benefits, operational changes, and cost savings associated with electric trucks. We ensure that your fleet not only adopts a more sustainable approach but also operates at peak efficiency and reliability.

Expert Electric Servicing

Our service staff, fully trained in electric vehicle technology, offer fast and efficient servicing specifically for electric trucks, ensuring minimal downtime. We understand the unique needs of electric vehicles and are equipped with the latest diagnostic and repair equipment, tailored for electric truck technology. Our expertise isn’t limited to DAF models; we service and repair all makes of electric trucks and trailers.