Adams Morey donates redundant IT equipment to Jamie’s Computer charity

If you have ever wondered where to go to off load your redundant IT equipment there are charitable organisations around that will eagerly recycle those goods. One such organisation in Southampton is Jamie’s Computers who were set up as a computer recycling social enterprise by the charity Society of St James.

Jamie’s Computers offers professional volunteering opportunities for people with disabilities, mental health issues, unemployed students, the list is endless. All learn new skills which can enable them to access the world of work through a working knowledge of the refurbishment of IT equipment. They also offer professional training services to corporate clients.

Kevin Cahill, IT Network & Support Manager at Adams Morey says: “We have 8 sites across central southern England and the IT equipment needed to be upgraded, hence there were desktops, laptops, network switches, keyboards and other items surplus to requirements.  There are issues of secure data destruction of information stored on the computers and we did not want the equipment to end up in land fill if it could be recycled.

“We heard of Jamie’s Computers and have now donated hundreds of IT items to them for their recycling initiative.  This is very important as we are helping them in their work to upskill people who need opportunities to grow as well as satisfying our need to emphasise our environmental credentials by ethical disposal of electrical goods.”

Jamie’s Computers arrange free collection of IT equipment with the peace of mind that all items collected are passed through stringent data destruction processes. They use the world’s best erasure software to ensure data is safely wiped and they provide free Certification. As a Microsoft Refurbisher, all laptops and desktops sold are refurbished and quality tested to the highest quality standards, including a 6 month warranty.

Pictured are left to right: Kevin Cahill, Paul Motherwell of Jamie’s Computers and Daryl Vaughan, Adams Morey IT Technician.