Bailey’s high scores win him a new TV screen courtesy of Skillnet

During November 2019, Skillnet ran a month-long prize draw to encourage their Technical Apprentices to maximise their use of Skillnet’s Virtual Learning Environment.  Technical Apprentices were entered into the prize draw automatically, upon scoring 80% or over in six mandatory Health and Safety e-Learning modules.

The lucky winner was Bailey Streets, from Adams Morey DAF in Newport, on the Isle of Wight.  On the 17th of January Skillnet presented Bailey with a 43inch flat screen TV.

Mark Johnson, Bailey’s manager said, “Bailey is a very ‘hands on’ apprentice and wants all of the information, all of the time.  This is just the type of positive and proactive attitude we are looking for in our apprentices.  Bailey’s block reports are good and the dedication he has shown in getting his Health and Safety modules completed, are very encouraging.  We are delighted that Bailey has won the TV from Skillnet”.

Andy Fall, Bailey’s skills coach said, “Bailey always has his work ready for me on time and is prepared for my arrival. He always has questions for me and often contacts me via phone to make sure he is ahead of where he needs to be. It is great that Bailey has won the TV from Skillnet”.

Bailey Streets stated, “I am really enjoying my Apprenticeship so far, Adams Morey and Skillnet provide me with everything I need to complete my work on time.  My skills coach, Andy Fall, visits me every eight weeks and checks my work, he also observes me working on practical tasks. The Virtual Learning Environment is great for extra learning support. Since finishing my Health and Safety modules, I carried on and completed my Technical modules.  I find these really enhance my knowledge of certain systems.  I would like to thank Skillnet for my new TV which, I am putting on my bedroom wall.”