SSE mobile diesel generators keep the electricity flowing with a little help from Adams Morey

Have you ever wondered how the electricity to your home or place of work is maintained if there is a power interruption?  Well at SSE (Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks) in Poole there is a department that specialises in Mobile Diesel Generators (MDG) which are deployed to planned works and emergency call outs. The Diesel Generators range from the smaller 30kVA generators mounted on trailers which can provide the power for a couple of houses or a street, up to the larger 500kVA generators which are permanently mounted on trucks, these can be deployed to supply small towns with electricity depending on the power requirement.

At SSE in Poole, Steph Walker is the MDG Team Manager and she has responsibility for the maintenance and assists with the deployment of the MDG’s across a huge area which includes- West London, Basingstoke, Oxford, Weymouth, Yeovil, Reading, Poole, Slough and the Isle of Wight. Steph says of the operation: “It is essential that our stock is well maintained and that means we have to have a rapid response if we need parts for the engines that run these units. The quality of those parts is also very important and we have established a trusted relationship with Adams Morey to provide all of the parts we need including oil, filters, electrical fittings and parts for the trailers themselves.

“We can have as many as 10 units out on sites at planned jobs and they may be in use for 500 hours before they come in for servicing. Adams Morey procure anything engine related for us, regardless of the engine type, but they also support us with sourcing non-specific items we need to run our workshop. I have an excellent working relationship with Adam Richmond, the Adams Morey Parts Sales Manager, we speak about the challenges I may face and he reacts to procure the parts we need at competitive prices and in quick time. In a busy environment like ours you need to be able to rely on your suppliers, and that is the case with Adam and Adams Morey.”