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DAF Genuine Parts Overview

Every DAF truck that rolls off the production line has already travelled a long road through development and testing. This ensures that all our trucks meet the highest standards in relation to safety, reliability, performance, operating costs and the environment. We also place the same high demands on our DAF Genuine Parts. This makes it possible for you to obtain the maximum returns from your truck.

DAF Genuine Parts

Downtime costs you money. Wasting time waiting for the right part only costs you more, which is why, when it comes to parts, rapid availability is everything. Adams Morey Ltd offers you a wide range of genuine parts and accessories designed specifically for your vehicle - supplied and installed subject to extensive DAF warranty conditions.

  • Parts are 100% tuned to your DAF truck
  • Maximum lifespan and performance
  • Reliability
  • Full DAF warranty
  • Minimal operational costs

DAF Genuine Accessories

Functional and fun

DAF trucks literally 'drive' your transport revenues and company image, thanks to their economy, quality and low maintenance costs. DAF also does a lot more to help you boost your truck's performance and 'looks'. You can tailor your truck so it's exactly as you want it.

Call our truck sales department for factory fitted options, or our parts department for purchase and retrofit information.


DAF Genuine Exchange Parts

The widest assortment in the industry

We offer a high-quality alternative for a large number of DAF components, such as starter motors, engines, alternators and transmissions. These are known as DAF Genuine Exchange Parts.

Just like DAF Genuine Parts, Genuine Exchange Parts satisfy the highest quality standards. They are remanufactured and tested according to pre-established DAF standards. This ensures that the quality of these exchange parts is equivalent to that of new parts. Therefore the same warranty conditions apply to DAF Genuine Exchange Parts as for new DAF Genuine Parts.


DAF X-Tend Clutch

Could a DAF X-Tend Clutch save you money in the long run?

When times are hard and everyone needs to control their spend carefully, why would anyone choose a more expensive option when purchasing a replacement clutch?

The DAF X-Tend clutch represents a greater initial investment when compared with a conventional clutch, but could deliver a real, pound for pound, saving in many circumstances.

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