The DAF LF is the perfect distribution truck for both operators and drivers. Optimised powertrains result in maximum fuel efficiency.

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Ultimate transport efficiency

The LF has an excellent reputation for its industry-leading payload, unmatched manoeuvrability and superb durability, comfort and driver friendliness. Now we have taken DAF’s successful distribution truck a step further to improve your profitability even more.


Benchmarking driver comfort, the DAF LF interior has been designed with the driver in mind. From the moment the driver steps into the cab, they are treated to the highest level of comfort and safety.

Offering an ideal working environment, the DAF LF offers all the controls within easy reach. The DAF LF has an extremely comfortable driver’s seat, with a large range of adjustments; of up to 210 mm longitudinal and 120 mm in height. This results in the perfect driving position for drivers of all heights. An air sprung driver’s seat with optional heating is also available.


Low kerb weight and high load capacity put the DAF LF at the top of its class, meaning pure profit for your business. With its modern, strong and light chassis, the LF does not compromise on robustness and flexibility.

The DAF LF offers an extremely comfortable driving experience. The front suspension is fully optimised to offer the perfect balance between damping, lateral stability and stiffness. The front axles (from 3.6 to 7.5 tonnes) offer ample capacity to prevent overloading with diminishing loads. And its unsurpassed manoeuvrability is due to the fact that it has the smallest turning circle in this segment.


DAF’s LF for Euro 6 comes with four or six-cylinder PACCAR PX engines with a wide choice of power outputs, gearboxes and rear axle ratios, so that for every application the right driveline can be specified.

Engine type: PX-5 112

Performance: 112 kW/150 hp (1,800-2,300 rpm)

Torque: 580Nm

Engine type: PX-5 135

Performance: 135 kW/180 hp (1,800-2,300 rpm)

Torque: 700Nm

Engine type: PX-5 157

Performance: 135 kW/180 hp (1,800-2,300 rpm)

Torque: 760Nm