Journey to Tomorrow: The New Generation DAF XD

Advancing to a Brighter Future in Distribution and Vocational Transport

The Future of Driving Comfort

With the introduction of the New Generation DAF XD, the world of vocational transport is transformed.

  • Superior Visibility: Designed especially for bustling city environments.
  • User-Friendly Entry: A two-step entry facilitates frequent ins and outs.
  • Comfort Like Never Before: Experience the luxury of the New Generation DAF interior.

Every aspect of the DAF XD is crafted to enhance the driving, working, and relaxation experience.

Choosing the Ideal Cab Variant

Depending on your needs, the New Generation DAF XD is versatile:

Sleeper Cab

  • Luxurious mattress
  • User-friendly rear wall control panel
  • Ample storage beneath the bunk
  • Added bonus: A unique bottle-holder drawer.

Sleeper High Cab

  • A spacious standing height ranging from 175-200 cm.
  • Single bed with an optional bunk.
  • Dashboard tables and a stowable co-driver’s seat.
  • Spacious overhead compartments for added convenience including a microwave.

Day Cab

  • Tailored for the hardworking daytime driver.
  • An extra 150 mm length at the back.
  • Flexible seat and driving positions.
  • Additional storage at the rear with an optional fold-up third seat.

Regardless of your choice, there’s a selection of configurations to suit your application and needs Speak to an Adams Morey Sales Representative today for more information.

Safety Above All: The New Age XD

Prioritising road safety, especially in urban settings, the New Generation DAF XD is leading the way:

  • Maximised Direct View: Features like a low-set cab, expansive windscreen, and ultra-low belt lines guarantee unparalleled visibility.
  • State-of-the-Art Tech: Innovations like the DAF Digital Vision System and the DAF Corner View have revolutionised the traditional mirror system.
  • Optimal Mirror Design: Aerodynamically designed and perfectly placed for the best viewing range.
  • Digital Vision System: Offers an indirect view, featuring heated cameras for optimal all-weather visibility.
  • Vision Dashboard: Complimenting the low beltlines, it provides an unobstructed view.
  • Meeting London’s High Standards: Achieving a 5-star rating in the London Direct Vision Standard (DVS), DAF XD sets an example in safety standards.

Innovation for Efficiency

The New Generation DAF XD sets the benchmark with:

  • Pioneering Design and Drivelines: Powered by the modern PACCAR MX-11 and PACCAR PX-7, resulting in minimal emissions.
  • Lightweight Design: Features like high-strength steel, new air deflectors, and more make this truck efficient in fuel consumption and overall performance.
  • Bodybuilder-Friendly: With easily accessible PTOs and flexible layouts, this truck guarantees efficiency at every turn.

Prioritising Driver Comfort

Beyond efficiency and safety, the New Generation DAF XD stands out in providing:

  • Unparalleled Ride Quality: With new chassis and suspension designs, experience the smoothest rides.
  • Peaceful Drives: Minimised wind noise ensures an incredibly quiet cabin, allowing drivers to stay alert longer.
  • Ultimate Relaxation: The best-in-class bunks with spacious storage and a comfortable mattress ensure the utmost comfort during rest.

In the realm of transportation, DAF is sculpting the future. With advancements in safety, efficiency, and driver comfort, the New Generation DAF XD is not just a truck – it’s a revolution. Explore the possibilities of the New Generation DAF range here:

The Ultimate Driving Experience

The New Generation DAF XD promises not only to redefine standards but also to provide an unparalleled driving experience. What sets it apart?

Silence is Golden

One of the standout features of the New Generation DAF XD is its whisper-quiet operation. With a cab designed to minimise wind noise and extensive door seals, the interior of this truck ensures drivers can maintain their focus without unnecessary distractions. Jump in, and you’ll immediately notice the serene ambiance. This quiet operation is essential, especially for those long hauls or drives through the bustling city streets.

A Bed Like No Other

For truckers, the road is their second home, making the quality of the cab and bunk a paramount consideration. DAF understands this well. The Sleeper and Sleeper High cabs of the New Generation DAF XD come equipped with spacious, plush mattresses, ensuring drivers get the rest they deserve. With the added optional topper, it’s akin to sleeping in a high-end hotel room. Storage solutions underneath the bunk mean drivers can keep their essentials close by, and every inch of this space is crafted keeping the driver’s ultimate comfort in mind.

Setting New Benchmarks

In an ever-evolving world of logistics and transportation, the New Generation DAF XD doesn’t just keep pace but sets the pace. This truck is not just a mode of transportation but a statement of commitment to efficiency, safety, and above all, the driver’s well-being.

The New Generation DAF XD combines safety, efficiency, and unparalleled comfort, DAF has once again proven their market leadership. Don’t just take our word for it; come experience it for yourself. Contact us today and speak to our sales team for more information and to arrange demonstrator.

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