Fiat E-Scudo

Fiat E-Scudo

The original multipurpose van, now electrified


The Fiat E-Scudo is made with your business in mind. It’s the perfect vehicle for navigating the city it’s the perfect city vehicle and Fiat’s fully electric vehicle provides the same load volume and payload as the diesel variants meaning you can start your day like any other.

Thanks to a ground clearance of only 190cm it makes loading and unloading effortless. Combined with a generous payload of up to 1400kg and a load capacity of 6.6m3 ensures it will quickly become your ultimate work partner.

Driving your Fiat E-Scudo feels almost like driving a car, thanks to it’s nimble chassis, compact design and car-like driving position.

Fiat Professional Scudo


The Fiat E-Scudo is the ideal business vehicle whatever your application. The new E-Scudo offers a best in class arrangement for stacking the larger equipment you use everyday. Due to a storage area under the passenger seat, the loading bay can be elongated to offer ultimate flexibility when you need it most.

With adaptable seating solutions including a comfortable bench with hidden stowage capacity, or individual seats to create space in the van separately. In a couple of steps the front seat can be turned into a table for a laptop or for your lunch in a hurry. The Fiat E-Scudo allows you to choose an arrangement that suits you and your team.

Very much like a car, the steering wheel is adjustable both in height and depth and thanks to adaptable height and angle solutions the driving position can be amended to change the set-up when a driver changes.

Fiat Professional Scudo


The electric, without the compromise. The new E-Scudo offers:

  • Maximum range of up to 205 miles
  • Faster charging times
  • Zero CO2 emissions whilst on the move

It’s the perfect choice for low-emission and ultra low emission zones in cities.

Available in two battery configurations; 50kWh and 75kWh and offers four alternative charging methods to keep you on the move.

The e-motor allows smoother driving and transitions means driving an electric vehicle has never been more comfortable.

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