The DAF CF is suited to regional, national or international transport, smooth roads or rough terrain.

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It’s all the same to the DAF CF series, available either as a tractor or rigid chassis in two, three or four axle configurations. Built to handle the demands of intensive use, this multifunctional truck is a top performer in every application – from bulk or tank transport to heavy-duty work in the construction industry and from garbage collection to general distribution.

  • Improved fuel efficiency, along with more power and torque at lower revs
  • Up to 100 kilogram higher payload
  • First class body builder-friendliness
  • DAF Connect fleet management system for the highest transport efficiency


The DAF CF Series is available with practical Day Cab, a spacious Sleeper Cab and ultra-spacious Space Cab, offering an unparalleled height of 223 centimeters. With even more comfort, safety and convenience. The new dashboard is completely designed around the driver, with all controls perfectly within reach. Each cab version of the new CF offers the driver a lot of space. With maximum attention to driving, relaxing and sleeping. The Sleeper Cab comes standard with a bed of 70 cm wide (60 cm behind the seats), 202 cm long and 12 cm thick for an excellent sleeping comfort.


Market-leading transport efficiency goes beyond an excellent driveline. It is also about weight savings and extra room for auxiliaries, which add to vehicle versatility and the most cost-effective operation. The DAF CF offers unmatched flexibility when it comes to chassis configurations, whether it is equipped with a hooklift system, flatbed, box body or any other superstructure.

  • Strong and light
  • Easy fitting for any application
  • Body-builder friendly
  • ECAS air suspension


Achieving up to 7% extra fuel efficiency and as a result up to 7% lower CO2 emissions starts by having the right driveline for the job.

Engine type: MX – 13 303

Performance: 303 kW/410 hp (1,425 – 1,750 rpm)

Torque: 2,000Nm

Engine type: MX – 13 340

Performance: 340 kW/460 hp (1,425 – 1,750 rpm)

Torque: 2,300Nm

Engine type: MX – 13 375

Performance: 375 kW/510 hp (1,425 – 1,750 rpm)

Torque: 2,500Nm